A better way to market your music to your fans

Increase the engagement of your music on social media with a visual motion graphic.

Professional motion graphic artists typically charge $100-250+ for visual snippets. That's a lot for an independent artist!

Auddy makes it easier for rising artists and producers to share music snippets on social media at just $10 a snippet.

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What are people saying about Auddy

"I'm an independent artist. So, I don't have the budget to pay for a professional video graphic. Auddy makes it simple and affordable to get high quality content to post."

Tia Mayor
R&B singer

"Auddy helps me quickly spin up solid content to post. I try to spend most of my time in studio creating new songs."

Rap artist

“I try to post new beats I've made on my socials, but I know it's not the best listening experience. Most of the time people can't hear the subs or 808s. Auddy basically takes care of that with high quality snippets."


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